Learn to dance in the rain

The pandemic has brought about lots of uncertainty, fear and anxiety. Nobody really knows how to deal with this big problem we are facing, and it’s normal to feel as though we are losing our balance. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the numbers of people feeling down and suffering with anxiety have increased this year…
after all, these are crazy times, right?!

Could self-care be the key to success?

Could self care be the key to success?

Could self-care be the key to success? Self-care is often the last thing on our to-do list, but what if I told you that putting self-care on top of your to-do list will contribute to success in all areas of your life, both on a personal and a professional level?  How will self-care help me…continue reading

Am I just being who I think I should be?

Am I just being who others want me to be?

Am I just being who I think I should be?   Do you ever find yourself behaving in a way which is how others such as your parents, your partner your friends or even your kids think you should be? Have you ever found yourself feeling lonely even when in company? Well, you aren’t alone!…continue reading

Victim to Victory

Victim to Victory In my last post I shared my thoughts with you on how we as beings try to avoid pain at all cost by running away or using our default shield of Food, Netflix, Booze, Overworking or whatever your personal ‘go-to’ is. It’s totally understandable and of course human instinct to run when…continue reading

Why do we always try and avoid pain?

Why do we always try and avoid pain? Discomfort is something we naturally try to avoid at all cost, isn’t it? When something unpleasant happens in your life do you find yourself repeatedly running away and reaching for anything that provides some kind of comfort? Food? Netflix? Booze?  Whatever your default avoidance tool is, it…continue reading

Not letting others define your values

Not letting others define your values By having defined principles (values) that you live by in life, you give yourself something to measure up against, your personal GPS. This tool becomes particularly helpful when there’s a conflict of any sort in your life, as you are able to take a step back, assess the situation…continue reading

What is true happiness?

Balancing your values with other people’s values | Balanced People

What is true happiness? Gandhi said that “true happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” I couldn’t agree more, but let’s get real for a second because for most people this is not an easy task! Where to begin? Balancing your thoughts, words and actions is…continue reading