Learn to dance in the rain

The pandemic has brought about lots of uncertainty, fear and anxiety.

Nobody really knows how to deal with this big problem we are facing, and it’s normal to feel as though we are losing our balance. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the numbers of people feeling down and suffering with anxiety have increased this year…
after all, these are crazy times, right?!
In these moments of uncertainty, perspective is key. With more lockdowns disrupting our routines and limiting our freedom, we need to rebalance our inner selves, recharge our batteries and do our best to stay calm.

Regain balance in times of uncertainty 

Watching the news and staying informed is beneficial to stay safe, however this can also contribute towards feeling anxious or scared.
I encourage you to try to avoid watching the news for too long or obsessively and make an effort to limit your time on social media as well. After all, there’s really nothing we can do about what’s happening. So, once you have updated yourself on the current regulations, travel info and so on, turn off the TV or radio, put down your phone and go do something that relaxes you and keeps you on a positive note.
“We cannot control what is happening around us, what we can control is how we react to those events”
– Sandra VOZ
A great way to avoid feeling stressed and anxious is by implementing easy tools such as breathing exercises, yoga, meditation and a gratitude journal into your daily routine, as they have the power to ground us when everything around us is moving too fast.
Learning how to breathe properly (a staggering 90% of us don’t know how…) will help you to quiet the mind, and provide a unique feeling of centeredness and grounding, which in turn will help you let go of the need for control.
“Controlling the breath is a prerequisite to control the mind” 
– Swami Rama 
The most difficult of situations can often push us to stop and think, and in these moments of stillness we often gain clarity, seeing ways to make changes to our lifestyle, to start anew. They offer us an opportunity to be present, to live in the now, and help us become more conscious. And maybe even taking a good hard look at how we have prioritised our lives so far. This is a golden time for reflection. Making sure that our future reflects how WE TRULY want to live our lives.
“The only way to predict your future is to create it”
– A Lincoln  

They say, “from crisis, a new greatness arises”

And I think for the moment it’s fair to say many of the old ways we’ve done things in the past are gone, certainly for the time being at least. We may not know what the “new normality” will look like, but we do still have a choice: either we allow ourselves to give in to the fear, not doing anything, or we get up, get creative, and find other, or new, ways to continue our lives. 
I’ve had to do this very thing myself… When I realised that group classes were no longer an option, I felt like my whole world had crumbled. I felt unsure of how to go forward, how to make a living. What was I to do? At first, I didn’t contemplate going online, because that was not me, Kundalini Yoga is about presence, physical energy and sharing a powerful moment, I was worried that all this would be lost behind a computer screen… but, I knew that many people need help and are seeking guidance at this difficult time, so I decided to begin teaching online. Looking back, it was the very best decision I have made, because I could share the much-needed light of yoga and breathwork, during these times of uncertainty.
“We have to build a new way of thinking and adapt to the situation, don’t fight it, play with it”
– Sandra VOZ
Following the positive response to the Online Kundalini yoga classes I introduced back in March, I will be hosting my first online retreat in partnership with Transformation Station on the 6th – 8th November, which you can join from the comfort of your own home, as a way to recharge your batteries and learn some excellent tools to help you through these turbulent times.
I have also decided to introduce a series of monthly workshops; small retreats that provide a safe space, a sanctuary, where one can come for comfort and learn the tools to stay sane and keep calm amidst the storm. If you would like to know more about the event, please pop me an email to sandra@balancedpeople.com
In the meantime, I invite you to try a complimentary class:
And here’s a very simple, easy breathing exercise that can be done anytime we’re feeling a little anxious: Sit down in a comfortable position, place a hand on your belly, close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly through your nose. Listen to your breath, and feel your breath coming in and out of your body… continue to do this for a few minutes, and you will calm instantly. 
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