Inner peace is the new success

Coaching / Retreats / Yoga

Sandra is a personal development junkie and has made it her life mission to help others thrive in life instead of surviving life. This she helps facilitate by restoring the connection to self through her coaching, workshops, retreats & Kundalini Yoga classes.

Finding the way back home

In the busy pace of modern life, sometimes we can loose sight of what we really want for ourselves. We can so easily drift away from our core desires and fall into ways of being where we please others constantly or live in a fog, not knowing who we truly are. Many clients who seek out working with me, feel this way. They are a little or even a lot lost and feel that something is missing from their life, and they want to work with a coach to help them find that missing piece or pieces.


Online coaching

Having a professional to hold you accountable to your highest self and keep you on track of what you truly want to achieve is precious; whether it is more peace of mind, better work & life balance or simply to be happy. To know if I am the right one to help you on this journey, I offer a complimentary initial consult where we can chat further what you most want to achieve. 


Taking time away from your everyday life to get inspired, energized and space for contemplation is the perfect kick start to implement some new self-loving & healthy habits into your everyday life.


Contact me to hear more about my Natural Anti-Age & Longevity Detox Retreats in Ibiza during May 2020


Full 4 days in our Bohemian Luxury Estate with Spectacular Views over Sea and Valley.


April 29 to May 3rd 2020


May 6 to May 10 2020 (2 spaces left)

Yoga & Meditation

Keeping a regular practice can be such a challenge yet it is a unique empowering tool to keep calm and real in a busy everyday life. I offer private Kundalini Yoga classes in Ibiza and via Skype or come join my Tuesday community class in Santa Gertrudis from 9.30-11.00 AM.

“We are born wise.
We are born complete.”

~ Guru Bhajan

Sandra Vystavel Oxholm Zigler (Copenhagen, 1979) is a Balanced Life Coach, a Kundalini Yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher and a qualified fitness instructor. With a Master degree in law and extensive experience as an entrepreneur, Sandra knows from experience what the rewards, the challenges and the pitfalls of a high-profile lifestyle can be. She has been successful in setting up and running a recruitment firm and several digital start-ups, the latter in cooperation with her best friend and former husband. In this process, she has grown both as a professional and as an individual. She has also successfully dealt with the need to transform unhealthy lifestyle choices and the need for recovery from burn-out. Re-connecting to her body through yoga & meditation played a crucial part in finding her way back to an authentic and balanced way of living.



“I am very blessed to have found Sandras yoga class, it has given me a real boost in my life. Especially the 11 minute breathing set, that she taught me. It helps me every day to get relaxed and out of my fear. Her yoga class grounds me and gets me back in touch with my inner self. I am so grateful for how she has helped me get back on track and I finally feel strong inside and love myself again.”

– Marion van Bakel, Holland

“I can only say that Sandra is an amazing person. I have been to her retreats the last two years and it has been a very special moment each time. The combination of taking time out for yourself to enjoy some quiet peaceful moments combined with fun and laughter on a beautiful island as Ibiza is quite something. Thank you Sandra.”

– Katrine Riekher, Denmark

“Sandra’s silent acknowledgement of what truly matters speaks through her teachings beautifully. Whilst still keeping her feet firmly on the ground she is able to empathise honestly and compassionately when it comes to the day to day struggles. I cannot thank her enough for her strong yet gentle guidance.”

– Sarah Monteiro, UK

“Sandra is one of the most special people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She has been an incredible support throughout our coaching sessions and helped me to see myself as who I am and understand the importance and practice of self love.”

– Ozlen, Berlin

“Sandra’s classes are my favourite yoga classes. I love Kundalini yoga and Sandra has a gift for teaching this style. She is knowledgeable and informed and gives a gentle, nurturing approach to teaching. It’s always a lovely group of people and the setting is beautiful set deep in nature in the campo North Ibiza. I feel in safe hands. There is something for everyone and the best part of all is that I leave feeling strong, energised and buzzing with joy with my energy flowing. Highly recommended.”

– Susie Pearl, Writer

“With her coaching, Sandra led me gently out of the darkness and into a more hope filled place from where I was able to create a life again. With her compassion, intuition and intelligence, you feel totally supported, heard and empowered. For me this freedom was the most essential gift you can give anyone challenging their own demons. Thank you Sandra.”

– Leena Bhatti, Spain